Bringing Tart to Life, Part 2

Last week I filled you in on all of the effort to create a Tart costume for our friend Viktoria to wear at SuperCon this year.

I'm thrilled to report that we're much closer to that end today than we were yesterday.

Renuka at Niki's Creations (http://www.nikicreations.com/) called to tell us the outfit was ready for a fitting. As you may remember (or you can scroll down two posts if you don't), I bought a "Sexy Stewerdess" costume that seemed close enough to be altered into Tart's Battle Outfit and we brought it to Niki to see what she could do. The original costume was a one piece dress. We asked her to chop it in the middle, and create a two piece outfit with a jacket and a skirt.

It was up in the air to see if it would work.

When I called Viktoria she agreed to come up even though she'd been laid up with the flu for 6 days. She's still so dizzy from lack of sleep that she didn't trust herself driving so her father drove her up.

Thank you, Dad!

First things first, the jacket is amazing. I think it would be the easiest part of the costume to fizzle in real life. But it looks very nice from the front and the back.

The skirt was a little off, however. Viktoria suggested pulling it in a bit to make it tighter around her hips and legs, and we all agreed. So Renuka went upstairs to do some last minute adjustments.

I'll be honest, I think it freaked her out that I took pictures of her working. Oh well, that's the price she pays for working in the big league comic world of independent publishing.

I should have gotten a picture of the jacket from the back. It looks great.

After the Skirt was taken in we put the hat on and checked out the entire outfit (that's Viktoria's Dad in the background).

That hat is... less than ideal. There are moments where it sort of droops down and looks more like a turban than a... a... what the heck do you call those kind of hats airline attendants wear? hmmm? Don't know. I guess it should just be more airline attendanty and less turbany. My wife bought some modeling wire and we're going to try to use it to prop the hat up to give it a more defined point.

Other than that, it works very well. We have a beautiful girl. A sexy, eye-catching, colorful costume. And most important, a book that's worth all this effort. If anyone is enticed to check Tart out with this idea, I know our stories won't disappoint them. 

Before I left, I asked Renuka if she can do costumes from scratch and she said yes. If we ever do this again, I think I'll have her design straight from Ludo's drawings. I like what's been done. I like it a lot. But I think it being 100 percent our own will make it that much cooler.

Next week we're going to try to get to a film company "Cliffhanger Studios" to get some high quality photos of Viktoria in the costume. We'll put those up when we have them.

What do you all think?


  1. Not bad! Well done on the creative problem solving, Kevin!
    Looking at it makes me wish I'd had time to do it myself :( That being said, from across the world it would have been a little difficult to have a good fit, so it's probably for the best.
    Can't wait to see photos of the finished product! (don't forget the white socks ^^)

  2. It would have been nice just because of what you meant to the project. But from a practical standpoint, yeah, not such a great idea.

    Unfortunately, I think we're going to lose the white socks. The boots Viktoria is going to wear go up nearly to her knees. It wouldn't look the same anyway, so we'll just go boots. If someone were to go with half-boots though, the socks are a necessity.