Some of these day.

I just participated in a contest on the threadless website. The goal: illustrate front and back of a Tee-shirt from a poem by Neil Gaiman. AWESOME! Thanks to Kevin who gave me the link of the contest.

So you can visit this page http://atrium.threadless.com/CBLDF/subs/#/submission/some-of-these-day/
to see more details of my work (and possibly the other ones but what interest) and give me support!

Thank you.


About the challenge : http://atrium.threadless.com/cbldf/?utm_medium=social_profile&utm_source=twitter.com 

If I named my work 'Some of these day' is because just when I had to pick a title, I  heard this from my Itunes :


it seems match.

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  1. Shirt looks great! Please keep me informed, as I simply could not create an account at threadless to follow you. Good Luck!