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How's everybody? Things are going along swimmingly in Tart land. Ludo is working on issue 4 and together we're devising updates for this website which will hopefully entertain you while filling in some gaps of the story that don't quite fit into the pages of the comic.

The first one is likely to be put up next Tuesday (possibly earlier as the art is almost finished) which stars a present-day John Martin. In it, you'll get some clues of how his life was affected by the events of issue 1. Might want to be sure you've read all of issue 1 before you dive to deeply into this one.

Because we don't have it quite ready to go, I wanted to finish something I planned to do long ago. Thank a few of the local comic shops who allowed us space in their stores to advertise Tart. Not every shop said yes, but we won't hold any grudges (especially since we'll still try to get on their shelves when we have a book to sell). Who knows, maybe they'll see this and say yes to the next group of creators that ask for help.

And since these three stores allowed us free advertising, we're going to return the favor with a little free advertising of our own.

So huge thank you's (in alphabetical order so no one thinks we're playing favorites) to CJ's Comics in Oakland Park, Comics and Games in Pembroke Pines and Tate's Comics in Lauderhill.

Well, that seems lame. Just a thanks? Nah, not our style. How bout this:


CJ's is the classic comic book shop. The owner and proprietor, CJ (what an amazing coincidence) is a lifelong comic reader who can discuss nearly every story from every era of comics you want to bring up. 

When I first thought of writing a comic book I had a Daredevil story in mind. CJ helped me find nearly 100 affordable DD comics so I could really understand Matt Murdoch and his history. Obviously, I haven't got a Marvel gig yet, so you'll have to wait a bit to read that one.

He'll happily hunt down whatever you need and have it sitting for you the next time you drop by.

CJ also agreed to haul hundreds of our Tart cards up to MegaCon in Orlando and stuffed them into his bags, so every customer he sold to received an advertisement for our site. Very cool guy. Very helpful. Check his store out if you're in the area. Here's his card for any info you might need:

Along with Comics, CJ has very affordable action figures and accessories.


The staff at Comics and Games is incredibly friendly and helpful. When I drove around to retrieve our Tart ads (they promised three full issues, and I didn't want anyone to come to the site and be let down now that the full issues aren't up), they didn't have any on hand. They'd handed out every one I'd left. 

It's a nice, diverse shop with comics, an area for Role Playing Games or card games like Magic The Gathering, and for a guy who's gateway drug into comics was baseball cards, a beautiful area of the store exclusively set aside for Collectible Cards:

You can find Comics and Games at 7641 Pines Blvd, or give them a call at (954) 962-3322


It's too bad "Last, but not least" is such a cliche, because Tate's is definitely not least. In my life I've been in only two bigger comics shops: Midtown Comics in Manhattan and Forbidden Planet in London.

I'm not certain there's anything remotely related to fandom that Tate's doesn't have, or at least can't get. Their manga section, Star Wars action figure section, Comic Section, Graphic Novel section, etc are all massive. And most specifically important to this blog, it was their Independent Comics shelf (most shops don't carry an independent comic, much less devote an entire section to them) that I first ran across What the Flux Comics titles such as Dakota and Red Angel.

Tate's is also a very strong supporter or the local arts scene in Fort Lauderdale.With an upstairs section devoted exclusively to original art.

But just because they support the little guy doesn't mean you can't get your Marvel and DC fix at Tate's:

Tate's has a website, so head over there for any information you might need:  http://www.tatescomics.com/index.html

Again, to all three of these stores. Thank you. We hope to be hitting you up for more help very soon!!!

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