TART issue 01 - Appetizer -

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Continued on the printed edition or Ebook, available soon.


  1. A big thank you to Seth for the suggestion to put up the entire issue somewhere on the site. ludo and I are always trying to make the reading experience better for you all. If you have any other suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask. If it's a good idea, and we can make it happen, we will.

  2. While I'm on a roll, I'd like for there to be cake as well.

  3. There is. Don't you see the cupcakes on the background of the screen. Little know fact, Ludo has figured out how to bring the taste through the internet to your computer screen. Just take a lick and enjoy.

    Personally, I like the aqua one in the logo best. But I've always been a sucker for blueberries.

  4. good story, fun read,drawing beautiful. thanks m

  5. My suggestion: Get this issue on ibooks and kindle asap. 99 cents for a cool, twisting story and incredible artwork. Get in on digital while it's on the ground floor. People will buy this. Especially since you can't get any 22 page comic at the comic shop anymore for a buck, and you don't have to sacrifice Ludo's colors by printing on newsprint. I volunteer to be the first to buy this issue even thought I just read it.

  6. Nice color and nice universe! Wait for the next issue !!

  7. I liked the time fix near the end - I had assumed Tart just liked retro, so it was cool to see how revealed when she was. My curiosity was piqued with her comment about not letting mom throw stuff away, and I also enjoyed the twist at the end and will be coming back for more to see what the heck's going on now.

  8. A big thank you to all of you for giving Tart (and by extension, Ludo and I) a chance. We have about a three to four year story planned out for Tart that I can't wait to get out to you.

    As far as other platforms, digital is definitely a possibility "Optional Delusion," but we promised three free issues, so we're going to put them up first. Then we'll step back and see where we are as far as reach, enthusiasm, time etc.

    I'm glad we're getting positive notes (the optimist in me says, "Woo hoo! Everyone likes it," the pessimist in me says, "The people who don't, won't comment," the realist in me says, "This is the internet, people who don't like it would be MORE LIKELY to comment). We only took this step because we felt strongly about the project and want it to be enjoyed.

    And speaking of feeling strongly. I feel "strong like Hulk" that if you liked the art in issue 1, then you are going to be overwhelmed with Tart #2 - "ADRIFT."

    When I sent Ludo the script which takes place in the snow-covered mountains where we left Tart, he replied with (I'm paraphrasing), "I think I'm going to paint it. I've always wanted to paint a comic and this setting might really work."

    I promise you: it really worked.

    PS - To the people who commented as "anonymous." Thank you. I'd rather have anonymous comments than no comments. However, we're not going to be able to include you in the contest for one of a kind art by Ludo if we can't find you. So if you want in, please create a screen name. If you're fine without the entry in the contest, then please keep coming back and reading and commenting to your anonymous heart's content.

    1. Hi guys, just because you promised 3 free issues doesn't mean that you can't also offer it on at least the kindle. You've already done the hard work. Getting it on to the kindle direct publishing platform is just a matter of formatting and uploading. You can still provide the installments free on your website. But, getting it on another platform not only might give you a little pocket change but it also offers the people that would like to pay a chance to pay and widens your audience. There are a lot of people reading comics on the kindle that might not otherwise find your facebook or webpage. I'd be happy to do it for you to get you guys started even.

  9. Yeah, I hope you're making money off of this. It might sound shallow, but it's definitely something I would pay for. The art is really terrific. The style works so well with the storys and the colours look really vibrant. You definitely need to get this out there, man,. You sent it over to 215 Ink or any of the smaller indie publishers?

  10. Ohhhh shit that page with the Demon crying made me fall in LOVE! Great work, thank you!

  11. @ Rob - Thank you so much, Rob. I don't think it's shallow at all. The starving artist is one of the most romantic concepts we have as a society. But the problem with starving artist is that they starve, and when they do, they don't create anymore art.

    So yes, we hope very much to make money off this project. As much because our day jobs (Ludo's a freelance artist if you need any design work - always gotta put in a plug for the real talent in the operation) keep us from doing what we want to do, work on Tart full time.

    That said, I take the comment, "something I would pay for" as a huge compliment, and I truly thank you for it.

    We've been lucky enough to hook up with an independent publisher called What The Flux Comics who is putting us up on multiple digital platforms, and packaging the fist three issues together in a trade paperback in time for Miami's Supercon at the end of June.

  12. @ ^______^ Thank you for giving us a shot.

    And this probably doesn't matter, but how do you pronounce that? Personally, I'm guessing Merculio.

  13. And to all of the people who commented, please make certain you stay with us as we put up issue 3. When the entire issue is published online, we're putting the name of everyone who has commented into a hat to win original art by Ludovic Salle.

    I'd draw you something, but the value of your home would actually drop if you have a piece of my artwork in it.

  14. Thanks to everyone!
    I try to do my best to satisfied my writer Kevin, who give me excellent scripts, satisfied myself of course and especially you, our readers.
    Thx again, and stay with us, the best come in.
    Ludo Salle, from France with love!

  15. great work...reminds meof the old 70-80's style Indie comics. great job!

  16. Thanks Dumok! We're hard at work on the next few issues. We hope (think? Are wishfully certain?) you'll enjoy them just as much as these first three.

    Of course, I've taken an extra large chunk out of Ludo's day by turning him on to a Neil Gaiman t-shirt design contest. The first bit I've seen is the usual Ludovic Salle I've come to expect: amazing.

    So keep checking back at the blog and we'll have info on where our work is available (http://whatthefluxcomics.com/ will always be a good place to check).

    Thanks again to everyone who came here to read a comic made by two guys they never heard of. Just because it was free, doesn't mean you haven't given us something. First, you gave us your time, and in this world that is an even more precious commodity than money. And second, you gave us a chance. It can not be stated enough how appreciative we both are for that.

    We will work our asses off to repay you with the very best comic book story we can create.