Our first review, and it's a fine one

I met a huge comic fan on twitter named Jason Webb who reviews comics. What's great about Jay is he's willing to check out Indies right alongside books from Marvel and DC. So I asked if he'd mind taking a look at Tart.

Jason agreed and tonight sent me a link to his review. And it's a good one. Please go over to his site, read his review and say hello.

I'm not going to take up any more of your time because I really want you to read Jay's review:


The High of Delivering Books

I've been pretty quiet on here as all the things I've been working on have been sort of long term things. Scripts for a year from now, merchandising orders for some Tart stuff you guys might think are cool, etc.

But today, something big happened for us. Forty copies of Tart arrived. Some of the copies were mine, but the bulk were for me to deliver to three South Florida Comic shops that will be selling the book for us (and for them, too).

So my wife and I changed plans and I took off to visit CJ's Comics in Oakland Park (3548 NE 12th ave - just off Oakland Park Blvd and Dixie Highway)

 Comics and Games in Pembroke Pines (7642 Pines blvd - just East of University Drive)

and Tate's Comics in Lauderhill (4566 University Dr between Commercial Blvd and Oakland Park Blvd).

I'll be working to get us place in more shops in the area, but this is a great start for us.

It's funny, being at SuperCon introducing Tart was a lot of work, but it never got to me. And I mean got to me in a "Holy crap, I've got a book I'm selling" type of got to me. But this. Driving to shops. Giving it to them to put on their shelves. That got to me. It made me so proud to be putting a book I believe in out to the local shops who will ultimately help us make it successful.

If any of you are in South Florida and want your copy, please visit one of these shops. It's so important to us to show we can sell books for them. If you are not in the area, you can always get a copy from What The Flux?! Comics

Hope this finds you all well!


Hell Strawberry 3, new pics and title!

Hell Strawberry Factory 03
New pictures from the next adventures of our lovely and destroyer Toxic Fruit Hell Strawberry,
and here the title of this book: