About six months back I was forwarded an email with some of the  coolest photos I'd ever seen. They were photos from deep sea dives in an area of the Pacific Ocean known as Truk Lagoon. The email subject heading was "Wreck Diving the Mysterious Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon." 

This is just one of the photos that entranced me. To see them all, please click over to http://www.lovethesepics.com/2011/06/wreck-diving-the-mysterious-ghost-fleet-of-truk-lagoon-33-pics/

It's ok. Take your time. We'll be here when you get back.

Truk Lagoon was the site of a World War II naval battle known as Operation Hailstone in 1944. The battle lasted nearly three days and littered the water surrounding Truk Island with the wrecks of over 50 ships and 250 destroyed planes. If you're a history buff, and would like to know more, the wikipedia page can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Hailstone

For almost 70 years these ships and the unfortunate men caught on them have sat at the bottom of the lagoon. They ships: rusting. The men: resting.

In 1969, Jacques Cousteau filmed his team diving the wreckage and turned Tuk Lagoon into a top tourist destination for sports divers from around the world. With the combination of eerie images, the last resting place of hundreds of men and an unexplained drumming sound, a rumor has sprung up that Truk Lagoon is haunted.

Now I don't know if it really is haunted. But I do know one thing: in issue four Tart Acid is going to find out:

What will Tart find? Who is she with? You won't get any answers here. I just wanted to show you one stunning page from the issue Ludo has penciled and inked, and figured introducing you to the location was best way I could go about doing it. He's sent me 10 pages and they're his best work yet. Which is really saying something with what we've already seen from him in issues 1-3.

Speaking of issues 1-3, we're days away from the Trade Paperback collecting them being available for preorder over at http://whatthefluxcomics.com/ I'll post the exact url, and specific details when I have them.

Have a great week everybody.

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