And the winner is

From the moment we started, Ludo and I have wanted to do things with Tart that not only brought attention to the project, but rewarded those who gave us that attention.

That's why we came up with two contests where the winner gets free, one of a kind original art. Our first winner, Carrie was nice enough to change her facebook profile pic to Ludo's painting for a good month or so, which was sort of touching. The second, well we'll find out what they do (I know who it is, but need to stretch it out a bit to increase the tension).

But first, this might get repetitive to you, but Ludo and I can't say it enough. Thank you for giving us a chance. Time seems to be the rarest commodity we have nowadays. Anyone reading this took their time and gave it to us. I hope they were repaid with interest, but every reader will have to judge that for themselves. 

Another minute or two before I announce the winner, so instead let's dispense with some business. This website is going to change a bit as we move forward. The continuing Tart comic will not come up every Tuesday as we've done for the last three months. Instead, thanks to the people at What the Flux Comics, Tart is going to be an honest to goodness comic book. 

Now the details of that comic book are still fluid. We know this: The first three issues will be collected in an electronic book format and in a physical trade paperback format. Each will have some bonus material that hasn't been seen anywhere else (actually, each has DIFFERENT bonus material to give something extra to those who want to own both). I don't know if I can give out prices yet, but I will say this: What the Flux will have a deal for the first group of people who buy, where you basically get the electronic book for free if you order the physical one. 

As for the continuing tale, Tart #4 is going swimmingly. The script is off, and Ludo has started the first pages. He may just tease some of the visuals this Tuesday. In order to be certain the Ludo stays sane while continuing to draw, ink, color and letter Tart, we're going to start off with the publishing goal of four issues a year. We're thinking of it as a Tart per season.

We do not yet know if individual issues will be printed, or if they'll only be available electronically. If they are not printed, we will do a yearly trade paperback with all four issues. The best way for us to get issues printed is for a large audience to demand it, so get your friends to check us out.

As for this website, please keep coming back. Ludo and I are brainstorming ways to get you extra stories here without breaking his back artistically. We're getting closer, but the end result is that questions left unanswered in the pages of the comic will be explored here. So if you want to own the internet boards when the subject of Tart comes up, be sure you keep checking this space out.

With all that out of the way, why don't I just get out with it. The winner of the original art is...

hmm... this might work better with video:

So there it is! Troy, you've won free, one of a kind, original Tart art from Ludovic Salle. I have a guess at who Troy is, and if I'm not mistaken, he's one of the hosts of CompletelyComics.com podcast who has been kind enough to check us out, and put us in his show multiple time. There were no shenanigans involved, but I'm happy that such a strong supporter of the project ended up with the art.

Thank you all for commenting. Thank you Vienna for choosing a name. Thank you Troy for winning. And most of all, thank you Ludo for doing all the work to make this happen.


  1. You're welcome Kevin!
    Thanks to you and Vienna and congratulations Troy.


  2. Ya'll rock! Keep up the great work! I have the original piece I won framed up in my house! I love it! I tell everyone who sees it that Ludo drew it to look like me! :)

  3. That's great, CMAC! I'll back you up on it up and until I'm deposed in a court of law.