TART issue 03 - The Longest Season -

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Continued on the printed edition or Ebook, available soon. 


  1. You guys are really hitting your stride

  2. Thank you Optional, we are very proud of this one.

  3. Can't wait to see what happens next...great stuff! :-)

  4. Thank you, Ethereal Raven. Good to see you commenting. Gives you a shot at Ludo's artwork!

  5. Congratulations on the great work! Where can we find Tart online after May 8th?

  6. Thank you Troy, and everyone.
    The first three issues of Tart will be printed in a complete volume in June, edited by What The Flux Comic, and in a Ebook version, with lots of extras of course. We will update a message when it'll be available in pre-order.

    The blog will remain active but not for the next issue. The issue 4 is underway but it will be available only for sale, and any subsequent issues too.
    However Kevin and I will try to satisfy you on the blog with drawings, stories, bonus sketches and other stuff.
    So, stay aware!


    PS: And soon the contest for an original watercolor designed by myself. A winner will be drawn among all comments.

  7. That transition between worlds was a little hard for me. The change in page colors from white to sand helped, but cutting to four close-ups of blue hands had me disoriented for half the page. Then I had to go back a few pages just to get my bearings once I understood what was going on. Would've been nice to have an establishing shot of the new location/headquarters or Tart disappearing from one world and appearing in the next or caption like "later..." or "back home..." or "elsewhere..." or something to that effect. I also wonder what the time frame in between this and the next installment will be now that you are switching formats. I hate to meet new characters and then forget who they are by the time the next book rolls around. Any ETA on the new series?
    You guys have a lot to be proud of with these first 3 issues. Great work! I can't wait to watch it grow.

  8. Interesting points. It might have been preferable to specifically label the last update an Epilogue. It hadn't bothered me working on it, because I always had the entire thing in front of me. But we'll keep suggestions like this handy as we go forward.

    The plan right now is to get these three issues out and in people's hands, or on their Ipads, Kindles and Nooks asap. The digital book will be ready soon (Don't have a specific date yet, sorry), and the physical book will be printed after. We must have the physical book done by the end of June as What the Flux Comics will have a booth at SuperCon in Miami. I'll be there to try to get the book into as many willing hands as possible.

    The only hold up is that Ludo and I have been collecting/creating bonus material for the trade paperbacks. We want to reward those of you who are willing to buy something you've already read with some things you haven't seen before (ps-there will be different material in the different forms, but WTFC has put together a sales price where you can basically get the digital copy for free if you buy the physical one).

    As we finish those things we'll get firm dates to advertise from the people at WTFC.

    After that our goal at the start will be to publish four issues of Tart a year. With Ludo doing pencils, inks and colors, along with his graphic design business we do not want to sacrifice quality for quantity. As we get rolling, moving to bimonthly is a possibility, but I don't want to speculate as to when.

    What we will strive to do is make realistic deadlines for publication that we do not miss. I remember as a kid waiting and waiting for the new issue of The Tick! and having the shop I went to say, "It was supposed to be here last month." (Don't get me wrong, I still absolutely love The Tick! Ben Edlund is one of my heroes. Did you know he worked on Firefly? He did. Genius. Now where was I?)

    Instead we'll start with a slower roll out and be certain to make it.

    How issue 4 will come out is a bit up in the air. If WTFC thinks there's enough of an audience they may print single issues, or they may just put up the single issues digitally with a yearly tpb collecting the four issues. As soon as we have firm answers to these questions, we'll put them up here and on the Tart Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tart/287590524635825).

    Thanks for sticking with us throughout!