... And biting off more than you can chew.

Last week Ludovic put up some cool portraits of two characters (Orange Carnage and the demon Trebario) that we were going to try to fashion a web comic around. The idea being to fill in bits of the Toxic Universe for you all, but do it in a way that was: free for you, entertaining in its own right and a small workload for Ludovic.

We've realized together that it's just not going to work. Ludovic sent me the art for the first update and it was gorgeous. I loved it. But he'd spent 8 hours on it over the course of the week. I could tell this type of time spent wouldn't be sustainable. So I suggested just doing a black and white version where the art is there, and nice, but not as lush and beautiful as he usually delivers.

Ludo went back to the drawing board (I can finally say that literally) and did something. I don't know what, because he never sent it to me. Between you and me, Ludovic is a perfectionist. And I say that with respect. If it doesn't satisfy him, he doesn't want anyone to see it.

So we run into a bit of a problem. Time dictates that if we're going to do anything on the web, it has to be something that steals less  time away from Tart, his Hell Strawberry work, his graphic design company which is his paying his bills and, I hope, his free time spent doing something other than drawing. As much as chaining him to a desk seems like a good idea, I'd have to fly to France to do it. But when he spends less time on the artwork, he doesn't like the product enough to put it out there for you.

See the pickle we're in?

The answer, at least at this time, is that the webcomic is going to have to wait. Please forgive us for advertising it, but for all the reasons listed previously, it just won't work. And worse than not working, it may gum up what is working.

And what is working, is the art to issue 4. It really is extraordinary. And I haven't seen it with the color effects Ludovic has envisioned. Also working, is the preorders of Tart Vol 1 which is still available for 10 dollars at http://whatthefluxcomics.com/webstore.php  until Wed June 20th (that's tomorrow, so get on it now if you want to save enough that you basically offset the shipping charge). After that the price returns to $12.99.

Last I heard we'd sold 16 copies. Which is not bad at all for a small start up comic. Obviously we want to sell more (17 is better than 16, and 18 is better than 17), but we're thankful to everyone who's supported us thus far.


  1. There are still lots of interesting things you could put up. Photos from conventions. Short stories (without art) based on minor characters. Shots of Ludo's sketchbook and doodles or insight into his process. Post more shots of Viktoria as Tart. And also more shots of Viktoria as tart.

  2. All good points. I need to be certain my camera is charged up for the convention.