Who's that Girl?

Hi it's Ludo!
This week I introduce you to Hell Strawberry.
Who is she?
In fact it's the first character that I created, and I publish the comic book on her adventure (creator owned) for the french audience.
I can't tell you much thing about her for now, but she has a big role in the universe that Kevin and I created. And one day her way will meet the Tart's one.
I just tell you that she works as a Toxic Fruit, but freelancer. She lives on earth, undercover by a waitress job in the Poppy Cherry bakery.
Hell is not alone. She works with Billie, an american girl who come from the 90's L.A., Tom, an english boy who come from the 1940's London, and Fork, a little Devil who can take human teenager form.
All this characters are a mysterious past for now. They travel around time and space with Hell Strawberry in her missions. But they aren't a big help.

The first book I published it's more like an artbook, it has just a 5 pages adventures, and 35 pages of artworks.

The second one, Hell Strawberry factory 2 'From Russia With Love' include a real 45 pages adventures of Hell and introduce a new Toxic, Gloom Tangerine (soon in Tart issue 4! ).
 The action placed in L.A., Russia and Shanghai, in the 1920's.

Well, this week I show you the work in progress for the next adventure, the Hell Strawberry Factory 3, released in France for October/November. An Adventure in the heart of London, 1969.
I just finished the 26 pages but I still a lot of work with color, layout, cover, etc...

I hope one day this work be published in America.
Hell Strawberry wants conquer the world!

(More pics next week.)


  1. Hell Strawberry is a whole lot of fun. Very kinetic character and story. Shoots off in surprising directions. It's a lot of fun to read Ludo's adventures (I don't write HS, just enjoy it like everybody else).

    She is the character who existed before Tart, and who's Universe we've adapted/molded/played around in while we built the story for Tart. Will she appear in Tart? Well since she makes a cameo appearance in issue 1 (as a waitress in Braverman's Deli) I think you can count that as a yes.

    More will be revealed about Hell Strawberry, The Toxic Fruit and Tart as we move forward.

    Maybe we'll even get these Hell Strawberry stories translated and published in America. What do you think, Ludo?