Advertising the advertisement

We have a new postcard sized advertisement printed so a local comic shop can bring them to MegaCon in Orlando. Which means we have lots and lots of extras. They look very much like this on one side:

While the other side looks an awful lot like this:

So here we have about a thousand cards handy, and though we'll try to get them in the hands of comic shops around the country (world really), we definitely have some we could send you, if you want one (or ten, or fifty if you will take forty to your local comic shop and sell them on giving these away free to their customers, and reading Tart themselves).

I just created a yahoo email account for Tart mail. So if you want to send any private feedback you can mail me at Tartacid@yahoo.com  (right now it only goes to Kevin, but I'll probably forward it to Ludo so don't get too private if you know what I mean). 

But here's why I'm saying this in this blog post. If you would like one of the adverts as a souvenir, just email us at that email address with your physical address and we'll send you one. I will send to Europe, so don't let that hold you back, but I can't guarantee anything arriving to anyone, as I'm sending it regular postage. If you want it endorsed in any way, make sure to include that in the email.

Come back tomorrow for some teases, posters and something special Ludo has worked up for Valentine's Day that I haven't even seen.


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