We're just a day away from the next update of Tart. I wrote a really predictable tease and promptly erased it. I could point out the plot points that will be followed up tomorrow and tease what might happen, but it just seems trite.

You're big boys and girls. I'll leave it up to you what's important. If you've got a minute, give it another read today to refresh yourself where Tart is on her voyage to find John Martin.

And please leave comments with questions, observations and suggestions. We probably won't answer any plot point or character background questions (where's the fun in giving up the mystery before it's even started), but would love to hear what you like, and where you think the story might be going.

Comments may just be saved and used if/when we ever go to print. And I think I'll steal a bit of marketing from the Tick and make sure that everyone printed in our comic has a chance to win something unique for their trouble (like possibly one of the three pieces of original art Ludo posted below - hint hint).

See ya tomorrow! 

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