I'm blogging. I'm a blogger. I've blogged.

It's pretty easy. You just let the blog do the work.*

Welcome to the Tart Webcomic! This is Kevin Joseph (KJ), the writer and Co-Creator of Tart. I'm proud to say with Artist and Co-Creator Ludovic Salle (Hell Strawberry), we'll eventually be rolling out our series here in this very space. It's all very fluid right now, so we'll better inform you of publishing schedules, etc. but our goal is to bring you an issue of "Tart" over about a month in 4 to 6 page weekly segments (We figure, if four page chunks worked for Alan Moore in Warrior Magazine, it just might work for us).

We'll start rolling out our story soon, in the meantime, make sure to check out Ludo's other webcomic "Hell Strawberry" at http://hellstrawberry.blogspot.com/ Hell Strawberry is all Ludo's. I'm trying to make a deal for a cut in the profits, but since she existed long before Ludo and I met, I think the best I can ask for is a free copy of the comic when he prints it (and I'll take it!). Hell Strawberry and Tart, two kick-ass heroines that may or may not run into to each other some day (of course they will, if it worked for Stan Lee, it just might work for us).

Hey this blogging thing is easy, wonder if it'll help us get our work in front of as many eyes as possible (It worked for Neil Gaiman, yada yada yada).

Stay tuned, we're baking the tastiest dish we can imagine. When she's ready for a taste we'll let you know. Until then, stay hungry.

* My undying respect goes to the first person to comment with where I stole this line from.